Holy Mother Queen of All
Panagia Pantovasilissa Greek Orthodox Church
The Light of Christ in the Commonwealth
The Parish Council

The Parish Council Members are servant-leaders and stewards of the community, elected from and by the laity, to serve on their behalf. The Parish Council, together with the Priest, looks after the administration of our church, and the individual members assist the Priest in the day to day operations of the parish.


The current Parish Council President is Delores Minor.


Philoptochos - Friends of the Poor

The ladies of our church are organized in a Philoptochos (Friends of the Poor) chapter. They develop many fundraising and charitable projects, and, together with the Priest, they form the chief ministry arm of the Church, serving the local community.


The President of our Philoptochos chapter is Carolyn Janssen. 


The Choir

Our choir leads the people of our congregation in worshipful song. They form a catalyst around which the voices of the people may gather into a joyous sound which transcends the boundaries of existence and reaches into the heavenly liturgy constantly celebrated by the saints before the throne of God.


The Choir Directors are Mrs. Helen Pantazakos and Mrs. Chrisi Karounos.

Our Chanters

The sacred hymnology of the Orthodox church is entrusted to those who stand at the Psalterion (Chant Stand). While the Choir leads the singing during the gathering of the Eucharistic Community each Sunday, during the week it is the chanters who lead the people in prayerful song. Our Chanters are Chrisi Karounos, Presvytera Elizabeth, Nick Douglas, Jake Kaylor, Chris Covington, and Alyssa Eliopoulos.


Our Protopsalti (Chant Leader) is Chrisi Karounos.

Sunday Church School [SCS]

Our Sunday Church School [SCS] is where the children of our Church learn to become children of Christ. It is where the promise of their Baptism is guarded and guided by the community as they mature in their faith. Our SCS Teachers are Aimee Cox, Eleftherios Xenos, Jake Kaylor, and Sophia Sawaya.


Our SCS Chair is Aimee Cox, who also works for the Department of Religious Education at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.



Our Greek Orthodox Youth of America [GOYA] chapter was revived in 2017 after a 30 year absence. It is a teenage ministry serving youth from grades 7-12. In GOYA, our youth learn to lead and make decisions for themselves while enjoying fellowship with their Orthodox peers. In addition to youth led meetings where the GOYA youth decide what sorts of ministry they would like to engage in, GOYA also participates in a variety of fun activities throughout the year. Our GOYA Ministry Team consists of Mandy Xenos, Emily Wines, and Sarah Nash.


Our GOYA Chair is Mandy Xenos.


Our FiftyUp club is a fellowship ministry serving members of our parish who are over the age of 50. In addition to monthly meetings, FiftyUp members participate in a variety of outings and events throughout the year. The FiftyUp club also assists the Priest in keeping track of who is in need of a pastoral visit due to illness or injury. Our FiftyUp Ministry Team is composed of Jim Hangis and Kitty Agioutantis


Our FiftyUp chair is Jim Hangis.